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What is light deprivation?

the future of profitable cultivation in california.

Light deprivation growing techniques are used by farmers around the world to control their crops’ growth and health. By depriving plants from light during the flowering stage, growers can manipulate their crop’s development so that it produces larger, healthier buds. By using these techniques, growers can also have more frequent harvests throughout the year without worrying about the negative effects of natural light on their crops.
Cultivators who use Light Dep are able to fill in gaps in supply when dispensaries run low on sun-grown cannabis later in the year, fill this void can make your product more prominent in their regional market.

Why Black Swan Distribution works with Light Dep Strains

    • Grow Plants All Year Round

      With the use of a year-round system, growers can produce crops in the dead of winter. This enables growers to meet the crop demand of a larger population.

    • High-Quality Product

      Light deprivation greenhouses enable growers to control the quality and appearance of their product, based on the needs of the customers. If flowers are needed, light deprivation greenhouses can help growers produce plants with more flowers. Likewise, if plants are looking ill, growers can slow the production process and take time to rid the plants of disease before they begin flowering.

    • Increased Yields and Profits

      Growers are now able to produce larger crops and more frequent yields for continuous income. In a competitive market, light deprivation gives growers the edge they need to increase profits and expand their business.

Light Dep Strain we work with

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